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You create a design using photos, graphics, text, etc to fit onto an A4 sheet and bring it on a memory stick. We print that in reverse (you don’t need to reverse it, we’ll do that) onto special transfer sheets and you then iron it onto a plain white T-shirt. We supply computer, printer, transfer sheets, and T-shirts.


We can read most formats, but the easiest are:

.jpg - The most common photo format used by digital cameras

.pdf – Many graphics and design packages can output in pdf

.doc – The standard Word document format for pictures and text

.png – Portable Network Graphics, a common web format.

If it’s going to be a different format than one of these, either ask us beforehand or email us a test file to make sure we can read it.

The internet is a good source of material, but if you’re downloading anything check that it’s not copyrighted – anything related to Disney, Harry Potter, or a TV series almost certainly will be.

If you’re using photos, the original file size probably needs to be at least 1Mb if you’re going to enlarge it to A4. Photos often look fine on a screen, but the files can be very small and when enlarged they go “blocky”. If in doubt try printing it at A4 on scrap paper.

Try and avoid using large blocks of dark colours (it’s going onto a white T-shirt) and don’t have the design boundaries exactly on the A4 rectangle because it will look just like that -  an A4 sheet on a T-shirt! Either give the design an irregular outline within the sheet, or you can trim the transfer sheet before ironing it on.

The content of the design is up to you within the bounds of copyright and social acceptability, and you also need to bear in mind that your mum will probably be washing and ironing it…………